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Name: Sabrina
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Location: MI
Religion: Non-practicing Catholic
Was this religion what you were born into or did you convert? I was born into it.
If converted, why?


Tell me some good qualities about yourself: I’m a team player, I’ll do whatever it takes to get what I want, I’m blunt, I don’t lie, I tell you how I feel even if it might hurt you, and I’m very loyal when I’m into something.

What are some bad ones? I’m a straight-up no-holds barred bitch.


Homosexuality: I’m a fag hag and my common law husband is gay. Therefore, I’m a huge supporter of the gay community. I don’t understand why people are so against it. They just want to get theirs too. Let them be. I don’t see how their sexual preference affects the rest of the world.
Religion: in the Classroom: I don’t agree with religion in the classroom. Only because not every student was raised to believe in the same things. And, it would be really hard to cover all the religions in the classroom. But, if you only cover one religion then it’s not fair to the rest of the kiddies. Therefore, that whole idea should just be 86’ed.
George W. Bush: I think that George W. Bush is an idiot. I don’t like him because I’m a left-wing bleeding heart liberal. And obviously I wouldn’t agree with W. Also, because I’m a huge supporter of the gay community (aforementioned) and W. isn’t. Also, what’s up with that damn Patriot’s Act? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to go to war. Since the draft will require both males and females, ages 18-25, including college students, I’d just like to take this moment to thank all the young republicans out there for steeping up to the plate to go to war. So, thank you. So, thank you George W. Bush for being an ignorant waste of space that keeps taking my money and using up my oxygen.
John Kerry: I’m not a supporter of Kerry either. I feel as if he doesn’t have his shit together, nor does he know what he is doing. I personally like Nader. But, I highly doubt that he’ll get elected. Therefore, anybody is better than Bush. Including Kerry. Even though he’s a no-talent panty-waste.
Legalization of Marijuana: I think that Marijuana should be legalized. I’m not a pothead, and I’ve never tried it either. I just feel this way because it would free up space in prisons for more heinous criminals, and it would save us Americans billions and billions of tax dollars. There are so many people in jail simply for marijuana possession and trafficking. We could let them go and have more spaces for murders, rapists, and other such criminals. And I personally feel like getting stoned every time I get my check and see that they’ve taken out more than ½ of it for fucking bullshit taxes.
War in Iraq: We never should have gone to Iraq. I think that was the worst idea since Hitler’s. We had no business going over there. If they attacked us than fine, but they didn’t bomb us or nuke us. So why the hell did we go over there? That is one of our major problems, we don’t know when to keep our nose in our own business. Maybe I just feel this way because I have family over there in Iraq. But, still. It was absurd for us to go over there.
Racism: Racism=Ignorance. I completely disagree with racism. People that are racist are just showing their ignorance. No decent respectable person would hate another just because of the color of their skin. It’s ridiculous. People need to get a clue, and stop being all Hitler-esque. It’s not cool anymore. It was so 1943. You lost, get over it.
Gun Control: I think that we should be like Great Britain and not allow any fire arms in the country. There is no need for fire arms. They only promote killing people. I have personally never seen a gun in real life, if I do I’ll probably end up pissing my pants, because I’d be so scared. But, I think that it has helped me to not ever want to handle a gun, or harm another person. I don’t understand why people need guns. You can kill a person with so many other objects: knives, car fluids, poisons, pills, drugs, your fists, a fork (some kid at my university caused serious damage while trying to commit suicide with a fork from the dining commons), fire, etc. So why the hell do we need firearms?
Abortion: I am all for abortion. It’s my fucking uterus, keep your grubby little paws off of MY uterus. I repeat its MINE! So, why should other people be able to decide what happens to MY uterus? My university is actually going through a crisis involving abortion. And I fully support it. I think there should be some limitations on it though. For example, it shouldn’t be used as a form of birth control. I know a girl who has had 6 clinic abortions, and numerous self-induced abortions. That is an example of when you need to stop having sex, or get your ass on some birth control, use a condom or something. Damn. Also, if you become pregnant and the first thing you think of doing is abortion because of other factors in your life preventing you from being able to raise it or go to term (I.e. single mother, young mother, job/academia, you aren’t ready for it, family pressure, spouse pressure, rape, incest, possible death of you both, etc.) then you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to abort the pregnancy. You should do it as soon as possible. It’s absurd if you wait until the 3rd trimester. That’s why God gave you a noggin. Use it.
Suicide: I personally don’t agree with suicide. When I was 9, my cousin/best friend at the time committed suicide. He was 17 and he killed himself because his father was making him join the service and his ho wouldn’t marry him. That was a dumb reason. There are ways to deal with these things. I think that people who commit suicide are just being whores. They do it to escape things in their life that they can’t handle. But, they put up with these things for a while. What’s a couple more years. And I highly doubt that their lives are so heinous that they can’t handle. The grass is never greener on the other side. I think that suicide is a cheap cop-out. I tell people that I love them, I say hi to strangers, I smile at everyone, and I give free hugs to everyone, even strangers. Strangers need lovin’ too. And because you never know if one of those people is just buying their time until they get back to their place and then they can attempt suicide. But, by simply smiling, talking to, or hugging, them you can brighten their day and make them realize they really do have a reason to live.
Vanity: Vanity is ridiculous. There is no one that is ever as confident as they seem. For example, ME!!! I give off this air of being conceited and over-confident, when in all actuality I’m a nervous wreck with the lowest self-esteem level in the world. That’s right people I’m self-conscience. The more vain the person the more insecure they are. I speak from experience. Therefore, vanity should just be eliminated. It’s just a mask to hide people’s true selves.
Anorexia/Bulimia: I blame eating disorders on our society, and magazines. Many of the people who suffer from eating disorders are told for as long as they can remember that you have to be thin. I don’t know any girls (I don’t include guys because I rarely hear guys complain that they are too fat.) that think they are the perfect size no matter how much they weigh. Every girl is going to think that they are fat. Because that is what they are taught from early on. Also, everyone views themselves differently than other people do.
Death Penalty: I’m all for the death penalty. I think that our justice system should use Hammourabi’s code. An eye for an eye. I think that if someone kills another they should die the exact same way. If someone rapes another, they should be publicly stoned/flogged. If someone steals something then they should lose a hand, etc.
Mtv: Was cool back in the day. Now it’s just a bunch of hoo-hah! I do watch the Real World still though. That’s only because I’ve been watching the Real World ever since the very first season. I’ve never missed a single episode. Ever. That’s right I’ve been watching since I was like 5. And Puck is my fave, because everybody loves an asshole.
Body Modifications: I have several. And if someone wants to modify their own body why should someone else be able to decide if they can or cannot. That’s ridiculous to think that you can control what someone else does with their own body and it deserves a good swift kick in the knee cap.
Conformity: What the hell is the point? Is there a point to being like everyone else around you? How are you supposed to make people notice you, when you look like everyone else. I can’t explain this too much, but in the words of Marilyn Manson: ‘You spend your entire life trying to fit in and once you’re there you realize you’re there with everyone who put you down in the first place.” Why do you want to be friends with the people who made fun of you like a week before. But, now that you talked your ‘rents into working 2 jobs while trying to take care of you and your 3 other siblings just so you could have all the things the cool kids have, they act like they’ve been your best friends forever. What the fuck is the joy in having fake materialistic friends? Go out “Pretty in Pink” style, and make friends that’ll love you no matter what.
Abstinence: If you can say no to sex then I bow down. I personally am literally addicted to sex. It’s so bad I can’t go a month without sex. In my opinion that’s bad. Not as bad as some people who have to have 3 times a day. But, hey. When you live with the people I live with sex at least once a month is too much. But, I do agree with abstinence if you can’t have anything interfere with your life. Like if you’re a college athlete, on a scholarship, and going pre-med and getting pregnant or an STD (a life-long, life-threatening one) would ruin all that, then abstinence is the way to go. I would shake your hand and buy you a brew or two if you’re abstinent. I wish I had that kind of self-discipline and control.
Darwinism vs. Creationism: Who gives a shit? I mean really? So, there are 2 different theories about how we got here. Does it really matter now that we’re here? I don’t think so. But, maybe there are some of you out there that have your entire lives revolve around shit like this. My advice to you is: Go, get your lazy ass off your fucking couch and out from behind your computer, go out and have some god damn fun. Go to a club, hit on some hot guys/hoes, have a couple brews/cocktails. Get a little tipsy, have casual sex with the first stranger that ogles your rack/ass/package, go fucking crazy. If you wake up the next morning in jail I’ll bail ya out. For that’s when you know you had a great fucking time. And I’m a huge supporter of great fun times.
Tax Cuts: Taxes period can lick my clit. Anything having to do with taxes is just too much intelligence for my brain to handle.
Death of Kurt Cobain: I cried. That’s right I was 9, but I cried like the little baby that I am sometimes. It was the end of an era. It was the end of a great legend in music. It was the end for a lot of people. And it was too much for my 9 year old little self to process at the time. But, would Kurt Cobain be as great as he is today if he was still alive? I don’t think so. Its like the whole Vincent Van Gogh deal. They only become huge legends and inspirations after they die.
Life After Death: Does anybody really know if there is a life after death. I personally don’t like to think about death. So, if I don’t think about death than I obviously don’t think of the possibilities that might be after death. Maybe its just me, but death is severly depressing and other people dying is enough death thought for me.
No Child Left Behind Act: I wish that I could take care of every single child in need out there. But, since that is a real impossibility, I really have no opinion on this subject.
Stem Cell Research: If its gonna help people than more power to ya. Go for it. I’ll bake you cupcakes!!!
Psychoactive Drugs: I don’t like drugs period. They should all just be dropped off the face of the Earth. I have no use for them.
Censorship: Damn Tipper Gore. I hate censorship. I think that people should be able to freely express their opinions without being censored or criticized for it. Like what’s up with the whole deal surrounding Janet Jackson’s Superbowl accident. WTF? So, like the whole world say her boob. Big fucking deal. She helped some young boys become men that night. The only reason there is so much censorship is because everyone is so paranoid and afraid. They don’t want to offend anyone. But, you know what I will personally contact everyone on this planet and say something that offends them. I’ll walk by someone’s house while their children are playing in the yard and say something that offends them and makes them run crying into their mommy’s laps. Then I will laugh my ass off and do it again. You can’t censor me. Everyone is gonna get offended by something stupid and I volunteer to offend them. You can’t just end up censoring everyone and everything, because then what happens to the 1st amendment? Exactly.


s it best to be honest all the time or are there certain times when its morally justified to lie?
I think that everyone should be honest at all times. If you have to lie even its to make someone feel better, do you really think that they aren’t gonna think that you’re lying every single time after that? If my friend lied to me, even if it was to make me feel better, I would question everything they said to me after that. I would rather someone tell me the truth and hurt me than lie to me. Because what kind of person are you if you can’t handle the truth? I would hope that my friend would have the balls to tell me and then be the friend that they are and help me through it. Isn’t that what friends are for?

What is the meaning of life?
The meaning of life can have many different interpretations. But, in my opinion the meaning of life, is living to fill the purpose of something pre-destined for you. I feel that every single person is brought here for a reason. I, also, think that once they have completed that mission they will die. No matter how old, or who you are. You are here to do something and make a difference in someone’s life, then you die. And that is the meaning of life to me.

If you had 30 seconds to address the entirety of humanity, what would you say to them?
Happy Humping and always use a condom! No Glove, No Love!!!

OPTIONAL: Agree or Disagree and why. No matter what the human race does, all we are is just another statistic.
I have no answer for this, because it depends on who’s P.O.V. we are basing this on. What perspective are we looking at this from? The government, the people, other countries, what?


What’s the difference between pizza and girls?
Nobody likes crust on a girl.

CULTURES AND PLACES (Chose 2... or you can do all if you want.)

Have you been out of the country? (If so, where?) Well, sorta. I lived in Guam for 4 years. It’s a U.S. territory. But, it is out of the country.

How many languages can you speak? (which ones?) I can’t speak any other than English fluently. But, I can get by on the amount of French, Hawaiian, and Chamorran that I know.

What languages would you like to know how to speak? Spanish and Japanese.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? (And Why?) I want to go to Ireland or Great Britain, because I think I would love it there. I have family in London and they rave about it. Also, I find British and Irish accents to be extremely sexy. They make me randy.

Where is your favorite place to be? (why?) My favorite place to be is on the hills across the Marina overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. Because, it’s so beautiful and peaceful there. Also, its where I first learned to read. That’s a big deal when you’re little. So, I love it!


5 Favorite Movies: American History X, Anguish, Rosemary’s Baby, Psycho, and Run, Lola, Run

5 Favorite group/bands: Spell Toronto, Maybe Tomorrow, Tori Amos, Sponge, and Rufio

5 Favorite books: The Catcher in the Rye, Cunt, Helter Skelter, Great Expectations, and Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs


Pick two things that you absolutely hate. It could be ANYTHING. Explain why you hate them.
1.) I hate the taste of orange juice after I brush my teeth. Because it doesn’t taste like orange juice. It tastes like nasty. I just don’t think that minty fresh and cool orange taste meshes well.

2.) I hate fake people. I hate it because you get to know someone and you think that they are one way. But, slowly their true self comes out and you realize they are completely different. They might even be so different that you don’t actually like the person that they truly are. Also, you’ll be forever questioning if what they do or say is really them or if they are just doing/saying that to impress someone.


Where did you find out about this community?
You posted in my lj.

Have you been to a rating community before?
No, I actually don’t like rating communities. But, this one is different.

If so, what was the outcome?

If you get accepted, would you be willing to advertise this community?
Probably not.
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