Van, the Resident Hobbit (xel_squirgle_ox) wrote in blo0dybrilliant,
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Hello, and welcome to Blo0dyBrilliant!

This is a rating community, but unlike many other communities, it is not based on looks. Voting is based on intelligence, personality, and who you are as a whole.

Once this place is active, we will host debates, the community could serve as a place to put art and poetry, and we might even vote on what should be the theme of the week!

Remember to look at the userinfo!

I am the moderator, if anyone has any questions, please leave a comment in my personal journal, xel_squirgle_ox and I will be happy to help you! :)

Also, I will be looking for a person to help me com-mod this place. Bl00dyBrilliant, over at (which I also mod) is extremely active, and since I'm expecting this one to be active as well, I need all the help I can get!

Be warned that you might face a lot of layout changes. I might be looking for somebody to make me a better wallpaper and community icon pretty soon.

Oh yeah, first 10 people are auto-accepted!
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