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WELCOME! Oh My F***ing God I'm Deep is a rating site, but unlike some other rating sites it's all about how you are as a person. This place happens to be a Livejournal version of the popular community with the same name as the one on Deadjournal.com. What else does this place have to offer? Once you're accepted, you can post anything you want as long as it keeps Bl00dyBrilliant active. You can even promote other communities if you want. (See rules below.) Once the community gets more members, I might take a vote on what will be the theme week. Then, members will be able to post anything about the theme that week, just to make this place fun and active. THIS IS HOW TO DO AN LJ-CUT. COPY and PASTE!!! DO IT!!! Application All applications must be under LJ cuts. Bold the questions so they are easier to read. Nobody will vote on you if you fail to do so. APLICANTS MUST ANSWER EVERYTHING ON THE FORM! Also, More than one sentence answers are great! We would love to hear your reasons why you have your opinions! The less effort you put into the application, the less it looks like you want to be an actual member!

BASICS: Name:Blake Age:21 Sex:male Location:lubbock Religion:christian Was this religion what you were born into or did you convert?yeah i guess so If converted, why? PERSONALITY: Tell me some good qualities about yourselfr:creative i can reach things that are up high...thats about it What are some bad ones?im pretty lazy...thats my worst quality WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON... PICK 5 OF THE FOLLOWING Homosexuality:dont really care...id rather not see it Religion in the Classroom:only if you pay for it George W. Bush:good man...misunderstood John Kerry:puppet Legalization of Marijuana:should be...its too expensive now...plus the government could save some money and focus on cocaine...thats stuff is bad for you. War in Iraq:great idea...results may vary Racism:in its purest form...dispicable Gun Control:not too much....not too much. Abortion:its not my soul Suicide:easy way out Vanity:can be taken too far Anorexia/Bulimia:now thats portion control...but food is too good to not eat...fat and happy is better than starving  Death Penalty:fo sho Mtv:where did the videos go...nah...thats all i wanna know. Body Modifications:go for it Conformity:go for it...again...you wont be able to help it Abstinance:pssssssshhhhh Darwinism vs Creationism:duh...both Tax Cuts:fuck yeah! why not Death of Kurt Cobain:tee hee hee hee he Life After Death:yeah but not the zombie kind No Child Left Behind Act:whats that Stem Cell Research:well theres enough dead babies lying around from all the abortions...put to 'em to work!! Psychoactive Drugs:uhhhh ok with me...right? Censorship:oh i hate it....like thats my...i hate...i hate that big time "DEEP QUESTIONS"

Is it best to be honest all the time or are there certain times when its morally justified to lie?
its best to be honest all the time

What is the meaning of life?
dont know yet

If you had 30 seconds to address the entirety of humanity, what would you say to them?
could i borrow a dollar?

 OPTIONAL:Agree or Disagree and why. No matter what the human race does, all we are is just another statistic.
agree...cuz stats are cool

no.....oh im just kidding

 (Chose 2... or you can do all if you want.)
Have you been out of the country? (If so, where?)
mejico...the j makes the x sound
 How many languages can you speak? (which ones?)
 What languages would you like to know how to speak?
all of them
 If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? (And Why?)
everywhere...i havent been there yet
 Where is your favorite place to be? (why?)
clint texas...cuz fuck...what the fuck!
5 Favorite Movies:
tremors!,star wars:the empire strikes back,the godfather for sure,pulp fiction should be on the list,mmmmm im tryin to think,  caddyshack.
 5 Favorite group/bands:
Pantera...number one, get them number one,Tool, Chopin,Sinatra,black sabbath
 5 Favorite books
the sun also rises,the alienist,get survivor on there, i love that book,put the dead on there too,the bible.
Pick two things that you absolutely hate.
It could be ANYTHING.
 Explain why you hate them. .
Cencorship because duhhhh.....mmm....liars...cuz who likes a liar....
find out about this
 community? !

 Have you been to a rating community before?
Yes and i hated it
If so, what was the outcome?
it was alright
 If you get accepted, would you be willing to advertise this community?
i guess
 You don't need to include one, but it would be nice if you could include at least 2 pictures!
 People Accepted Will Be The Proud Owner Of... ...And Rejected People Will Receive: Community Rules: -
People who are not yet accepted cannot comment on other posts or vote until the members decide your final outcome. They can though, comment on their own application. -New members who are not yet accepted also cannot make other posts until they are accepted. -Just because this community was whored in your journal does NOT mean you were accepted. Please post an application in to see if you were accepted or not. -Newbies must be patient, the voting process will go on at most five days, until you get around 6 votes, or until we reach an odd number. -Be kind to new members as you vote, but be honest. The same goes for the new members. -No members can decide the final outcome of the Newbie, only the moderators can stamp people. -After people start voting on your application, you may no longer edit the information you provide to us. -Promoting other communities is allowed, as long as you promise to promote ours also. -Rejected applicants may chose to re-apply in a week, with 4 New "VIEW" questions. -Those rejected can only re-apply ONE MORE TIME. -Do not start a debate on your application. Although we might disagree with some of your answers, you have no right to argue and shove your beliefs down our throat. It is our opinion, and you can't change that. PROMO BANNERS free web counters Interests: 25: art, being original, creativity, debates, deep people, eccentricity, friendship, honesty, individuality, intelligence, interests, minded, movies, music, open, open minded people, opinions, personality, pictures, poetry, rating, rating communities, voting, world issues, writing.. [Modify yours] Members: 6: disreprivalize, enzyminika, everchicken, fumo_venio, sabty, xel_squirgle_ox Watched by: 5: disreprivalize, enzyminika, everchicken, fumo_venio, xel_squirgle_ox Account type: Free Account (more details...)
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