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Name:Elisha Ariel K*******
Age:17, my birthday was friday
Location:King of Prussia, PA (it's just outside of Philly, and is in fact a mall parking lot)
Religion:undecided, I believe in God sometimes and in certain ideas from lots of religions and various spiritual beliefs, I don't like being boxed in.
Was this religion what you were born into or did you convert? I converted to this "religion"
If converted, why? My parents follow the teachings of MSIA you can find out more at It's mostly christian with certain aspects of hinduism like karma and reincarnation. In it there's a "traveler" whom you follow back to God and there's other things about it I just don't like besides the "traveler." It's kind of cultish.


Tell me some good qualities about yourself: I'm outspoken, humurous, creative and supposedly "intelligent."

What are some bad ones? I'm often offensive with my outspoken nature in that certain people don't appreciate my humor.


Religion in the classroom: Discussion of religion for historic purposes like the papal heirarchy in the Holy Roman Empire is fine. So is discussing what individual religions involve, after all it is educational to learn the eightfold path or the meaning of passover. However, under no circumstances should a child be forced to say the pledge of allegiance.It is unconstitutional because forcing people to say something such as "one nation under god (left uncapitalized intentionally)" is actually limiting their freedom of speech, part of the First Amendment of our Constitution. Additionally, it limits freedom of religion another part of the first amendment. Let me explain. Buddhists while they are plenty religious don't believe in a god, thus forcing them to say this actually goes against their faith, which is why even though I go to a public school, I do not stand up to say the pledge of allegiance and there's nothing my teachers can do about it.

Homosexuality:is a beautiful thing.While I myself am not homosexual or bi, I have experimented with the idea and have a few very good friends who are and I love their perspectives on things and the liberal point of view we share.^_^

Abortion:I am pro abortion, but not only that, I believe men shouldn't have a say in it. It's after all a women's body. Women should be the only ones voting on such an issue, I mean we are equal after all, why can't we make the decision for ourselves? However, I believe that all women have the right to choose and that the right to abort a baby should not be abused.

Suicide:Is a very sad thing, especially in our society, but that doesn't stop it from occuring. I do believe it should be a last resort and not an easy way out, but at the same time I couldn't hold it against anyone whom I love if they did it, I love them too much to hold a grudge. And while suicide does pass through my mind every so often, it is for my friends that I remain here and because of the prozac that eases the pain. lol. Additionally, I don't think therapists are terribly helpful unless your ready for them. I remember during the time I went to my second therapist I picked up some bad habits: cleptomania and cutting, which weren't what I was even there for in the first place.

Abstinance:I believe in waiting for the right person, time and moment and while I am no longer a virgin, I did just that. It's amazing if you can abstain until marriage and I know some people who don't even want to orgasm until marriage and that's cool. Basically, whatever feels right for your body, whatever keeps you from having regrets.


Is it best to be honest all the time or are there certain times when its morally justified to lie? I believe there are times when it is justified to lie, basically only if someone isn't playing fairly, then you have a right to get down and dirty back at them.

What is the meaning of life? According to monty python? exercise, brush your teeth and don't drink too much. To me? I don't know, there's so much here to learn and do. Basically I think we're here to experience all that we can in the short time that we have.

If you had 30 seconds to address the entirety of humanity, what would you say to them? Don't do what other people want them to do, live from crisis to crisis or wait for anyone. Be everything you want and of course dance like no one is watching and listen to your heart. (hopefully they have some damn good translators)

OPTIONAL:Agree or Disagree and why. No matter what the human race does, all we are is just another statistic. Pretty much, since statistics are based on a bell curve but, no one quite fits it, a bell curve is created not tabulated, its all rounded. So people don't have to actually be statistics they can be classified as "other".

What happens when a lawyer takes viagra? He grows taller.

CULTURES AND PLACES (Chose 2... or you can do all if you want.)

Have you been out of the country? No

How many languages can you speak? 1.5 English and I've taken 6 years of Spanish, that has to count for something

What languages would you like to know how to speak? Spanish completely, because it is the fastest growing language in the world, and would be advantageous to know. Japanese because its such a cute language and I wouldn't have to read the subtitles on anime. German, Russian and Hebrew because they are the languages of my ancestors and they fascinate me. I also want to visit those places and get a feel for my heritage, what it was like before we came to America.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Japan, because it's so technologically advanced and the people are so cute (break me off a piece of one of them asians!).

Where is your favorite place to be?In my friend ariel's car, we're always listening to excellent music and enjoying ourselves away from the world, parents and problems.


5 Favorite Movies:Moulin Rouge, Hook, Teknolust, The Nightmare Before Christmas, the Meaning of Life

5 Favorite group/bands:Tori Amos, Postal Service, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, Professional Murder Music

5 Favorite books: The Giver, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials trilogy(The Golden Compass, The Amber Spyglass, The Subtle Knife), Ender's Game, The Girl with the Silver Eyes


Pick two things that you absolutely hate. It could be ANYTHING. Explain why you hate them. My mother because she's a lazy hypocrite, a bad parent and influence and has screwed me up for life. George Bush, because he's a bad republican, too christian, homophobic cocaine addict and overall bad person and bad president.


Where did you find out about this community? sort of through nineinchicons

Have you been to a rating community before? no

If so, what was the outcome?

If you get accepted, would you be willing to advertise this community? sure!

You don't need to include one, but it would be nice if you could include at least 2 pictures!
(only one I could find) It's about a year old and my hair is past my shoulders now but that's pretty much what I look like.
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